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Envision and Build your Dream Life!

You and your teens can build the life of your dreams!

A clear vision is essential for a good future.

Next steps will give you purpose and hope.

You can create a life of purpose, passion, empowerment, and abundance!

The Process

The workbook will guide you through the following phases 

Part 1: Self Analysis

In this part you start to ask yourself questions about where you came from, who you are, what you want, and what you look forward to. This is the most important and time consuming part. I have added some questions to inspire you to think about things you may not have considered before.

Part 2: Dream Life

Once you've gotten clearer about what you want, its time to write out the details of your dream life! First we will get into a meditation to open your mind. Then we will write out a description of your dream life, daily schedule, components and memories in different areas of your life.  

Part 3: Create a Reminder

Your have more options than just a vision board! Use your own creative talents and skills to create one or many physical reminders for you to see, hear, and feel your dream life as if its already in progress.

Part 4: Path to your Future

Here's where the dream comes true! Start with goals and steps to the path of your dream life.  Use your reminders and BELIEVE.  Then we will create steps to turn your dream life into reality with step by step process, goals and accountability. 

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About Aunt Denise...

As a result of her own personal journey re-imagining her life, Denise has developed a Dream Life Vision system for young adults-- a guided self-discovery to help you explore the many faces of “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?” and develop a vision. At any age, you can create a life of purpose, passion, empowerment, and abundance.

Denise is a proud working mother of three grown children, also Accountant, Business Education Teacher, author, adviser, coach, mentor, volunteer, and friend. Her passion is for working with youth, knowing they need hope, loving support, and guidance while making their own choices to develop independent adulting skills. 

Let me Guide you to your ideal future!



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